image above by Mirella Sleenhoff

I am José Derks, a Dutch photographer and this website showcases some of the work that I've made the past years.


I have loved images for as long as I can remember, but only recently I realised that creating and working with a camera gives me the tools to share my views on life and even make a professional living out. I am in search of myself as a photographer and exploring the different disciplines and in the meantime enjoying myself so much.

Travelling opened my eyes to some different cultures and taught me to view life from different perspectives. Often our familiar direct surroundings might feel as the only truth to us, travelling helped me to think different. Seeing life around the world that touched me in its basic simplicity, humanity, balance, colourfullness and beauty. Hopefully the way I captured this with my camera takes you on a journey with me. I truly hope you enjoy my imagery. If so please leave me a message, I am curious to hear from you.


Kind Regards,

José Derks